Unleashing Cross-Chain DeFi Aggregation: Introducing CCAMP on the Internet Computer

Ryan Soury
3 min readNov 5, 2023


DeFi enthusiasts and blockchain developers, prepare to be captivated by a groundbreaking project that’s set to transform cross-chain DeFi aggregation on the Internet Computer. The Cross-Chain Asset Management Protocol (CCAMP) is here, open source, and primed for collaboration.

The Imperative for CCAMP

Decentralized finance, with its expansive array of platforms and blockchains, has been hailed for democratizing finance. Yet, the challenge of efficiently aggregating liquidity across this diverse landscape while preserving non-custodial principles has persisted. CCAMP rises to meet this challenge.

Our Vision

At Usher Labs, our mission is to forge a seamless environment for liquidity aggregation across diverse blockchains. CCAMP embodies our vision, offering a robust solution that empowers investors to deposit assets from any integrated blockchain. These assets can then be allocated and reallocated based on user inputs and custom data, all underpinned by a data-powered approach, harnessed from our sister project, the Log Store Network.

Key Features of CCAMP

  1. Custom Modules: Developers can create custom modules that register with CCAMP. These modules are referenced when investors deposit assets across various integrated blockchains, allowing the module to manage and re-allocate the investor’s assets.
  2. Data-Infused Liquidity: User inputs and external data sources are harnessed to inform how assets are reallocated within CCAMP. This responsive and dynamic liquidity allocation is achieved thanks to the data protocol powered by our sister project, the Log Store Network.
  3. Seamless Cross-Chain Swaps: CCAMP has the potential to enable cross-chain swaps, tapping into existing liquidity in platforms such as Uniswap and 1inch. This ensures the fluid transfer of liquidity between a variety of blockchain assets.
  4. Facilitating Real-World Assets: Our protocol is perfectly poised to facilitate the exchange of assets between native blockchain coins and real-world assets, as well as off-chain Ethereum assets.

The Call for Collaboration

In bringing our vision to life, we are seeking the expertise of developers and projects open to developing on, or at least with, the Internet Computer ecosystem. We are inviting those who share our enthusiasm for building a next-generation cross-chain DeFi protocol to join us on this transformative journey.

Our Ongoing Focus

While CCAMP is already live, we remain dedicated to its enhancement. Our current efforts are concentrated on refining the data protocol, ensuring the secure relay of data from foreign blockchains into CCAMP. This data protocol leverages the capabilities of our sister project, the Log Store Network, a decentralized tamper-proof time-series database that is being bolstered with verifiable validation and aggregation compute capabilities over real-time data. Additionally, we are in the process of developing two example Modules (Canisters / Smart Contracts) to illustrate how this DeFi protocol can be constructed on the CCAMP foundation.

Engage with Us

We extend a warm invitation to the open DeFi community to delve into CCAMP and embark on a collaborative journey. We see this as a unique opportunity to create a cross-chain DeFi solution that empowers developers, maximizes liquidity, and sets new standards in the DeFi realm.

Learn More

To gain a comprehensive grasp of CCAMP’s architecture, code, and application, we encourage you to view our detailed video walkthrough and explore the project repository.

For the latest updates and to connect with our team, join our vibrant Discord community. Your questions, feedback, and innovative ideas are invaluable as we collectively chart the course for the future of cross-chain DeFi.

Join us in elevating DeFi to new heights!

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