The Log Store Network: A Gateway to Decentralized Data Management

Ryan Soury
3 min readNov 20, 2023


We are excited to announce the latest upgrade to the Log Store Network, a significant leap forward in decentralized data management. This upgrade marks a new chapter in our journey, promising to transform how data interacts within the blockchain ecosystem.

What is the Log Store Network?

The Log Store Network is a pioneering decentralized time-series database, developed to revolutionize data management across blockchain platforms. It builds upon permissioned real-time peer-to-peer data streams, thanks to our collaboration with the Streamr Network. This integration ensures secure and efficient data flow.

Our vision with the Log Store Network goes beyond mere data storage. We are laying the groundwork for a comprehensive platform that facilitates application-specific data protocols. This means managing all event and time-indexed data, thereby serving as a foundational layer for Oracle Networks and other compute environments focused on blockchain data verification.

The Latest Upgrade: Embracing Flexibility and Security

Recognizing the diverse security needs across different applications, we’ve transitioned data immutability from a core feature to an optional one. This change empowers developers to customize their security settings according to their specific requirements, offering a flexible, cost-effective solution.

Verifiability: The Core of Our Network

At the heart of the Log Store Network is our unwavering commitment to data verifiability and integrity. Every query within the network yields not only verifiably authentic data but also provides proof of storage. This double-layered verification system ensures that the data retrieved is a true reflection of what’s stored, making it ideal for high-stakes blockchain applications, including real-world asset management and inter-chain communication.

Revolutionizing Data Management

Our platform is set to transform data management in the blockchain space, making bespoke data easily accessible, verifiable, and usable for a range of applications. We aim to decentralize data management, ensuring that every piece of data — from IoT metrics to blockchain events — is aggregated, verifiable, and ready for on-chain verification.

What’s Next?

Usher Labs, the creators of the Log Store Network, are embarking on an exciting new phase. We are actively seeking contributions and requests for data streams. The team will start by creating a queryable data stream of gas estimates for popular EVM blockchains. This initiative is aimed at simplifying the developer experience, providing easy and free access to gas management information for CLI tools and other Dev Tools executing blockchain transactions.

If you’re working on a project that requires verifiable data, we invite you to collaborate with us. Whether it’s blockchain history, stock and commodities market data, news-related streams, or training datasets, your participation can greatly enhance the depth and utility of our data streams.

Join us in this venture to make data more accessible, verifiable, and valuable for a myriad of applications.

Join the Data Revolution

The Log Store Network’s latest upgrade is not just a technological advancement; it’s a gateway to a new era of decentralized data management. We invite developers, enterprises, and blockchain enthusiasts to explore the potential of our platform.

Discover more about the Log Store Network’s features, architecture, and vision in our Lightpaper available in the documentation. Dive into the world of decentralized data protocols and be a part of this exciting evolution.

Explore our Lightpaper for an in-depth understanding of our architecture.

To meet and learn more from the team, join us on Discord and find us on Twitter.



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