A DAO for Promoters, Influencers, and Affiliates

Ryan Soury
2 min readAug 31, 2022


This entry was initially published to Mirror.xyz.
The following is an excerpt from the publication.

At Usher, we’re conceptualising and developing new ways for people to engage in partnerships where the terms of such partnerships are transparently determined in Smart Contracts.

The Experiment

The goal of this DAO is to promote Discord Servers owned and operated by partnered Web3 Brands.

Each partnership between the DAO and a Web3 Brand is represented in a Smart Contract where a new token is established that serves to manage the equity each promoter has in the partnership.

The DAO member will be rewarded with higher equity in the partnership for each new active person that is successfully invited to a partnered Discord Server.

When Discord Members leave the Server, the DAO member responsible for that Discord Member’s invite will have their token/equity allocation reduced.

When a partnered Web3 Brand begin minting their NFT collection or cryptocurrency, or generally begin distributing their service to their newly populated Discord Server, cryptocurrency liquidity accrued from such activities must be routed to the Partnership Smart Contract.

Software Developers within the DAO must vote to validate the on-chain payment routing methods used by partnered Brands ensuring that the Partnership Treasuries are an untampered destination for accrued funds.

This can be considered similar to a rev-share model, but for anything sold on-chain.

Rev-share percentage amounts will be determined through votes by members of the DAO when a new Brand proposes a partnership with the DAO.

Finally, by participating in a partnership, promoters can withdraw funds from said Partnership Treasury. The withdrawal amounts will be directly proportional to their equity in the partnership.

The process of withdrawing from the treasury involves reallocating their equity/tokens to the rest of the DAO members in a proportional manner.



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